welcome home snoopy

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well...snoopy is home.

so far, so good.  i picked him up this morning, came home for snowball, and then we went to meet the next rescuer in the driving chain.  we were at the rest stop for about an hour, outside, for them to be acquainted.  

he seems housebroken more or less, although i am watching like a hawk. and snowball has adjusted better that i thought she would...they've had a couple of rounds of zoomies in the house already.  

he is much shorter than she is, but weighs more- 15# to her 12#.  and his hair, oh my god, his hair.  soooo long!!!!  and smooth!  but his tail is so scrawny, not much hair there.  i've already brushed him, cut out a few mats, and tear stain cleaned.  his eyes are the size of quarters!!!i've never seen such big brown eyes!  his head seems to be bigger (stockier) and snout shorter than snowball's.  and all he wants to be is in your lap.  you cant sit down because he climbs all over you.  

as far as training, i see no evidence of any...not even  name recognition.  so we have some work to do there, and we are already enrolled in class that starts the 12th.  

one problem.  this dog is humping constantly.  he follows snowball around an dsits behind her, sometimes tries to climb on her, adn humps.  and when she runs away, he stays humping air.  he was neutered wednesday and was doing this before he was neutered.
will this stop on it's own or should i be correcting him to stop?  not sure.  but i know i wont be taking him to the doggie park until he stops the uncomtrollable humping...

thanks, all!

Is he neutered?  I can't remember.  If he is it is probably dominance related and I would teach him "sit" and then give him a good dose of NILIF :)

yes, he was neutered on wednesday.  as far as nilif, right now he knows nothing.  sit, stay, come, not even name recognition,  so we are definatley starting from scratch here.  it will be a process to say the least.  for the time being, as we are training, should i separate them/do something ot stop it?  i've been shouting HEy and stomping on the floor and that seems to disteact him and he stops.

Yaay!! Snoopy's home! (Or is it Oscar?)  It sounds like even Snowball is happy to have a new brother.

As for the humping, it takes a while after neutering before the hormone levels go down.  I'm not sure how long it takes--you could ask your vet.

Also humping is not always a sign of dominance.  It can be a reaction to over-stimulation or excitement.  Shasta (yes, Shasta!) and Kola will both get carried away and do it when they are playing hard.  My breeder and other trainers have said that it is OK to tell them No or whatever word they understand.  I use "Uh Uh!" for things they aren't supposed to do.

You could start some of the NILIF things that don't require knowing any obedience.  I think part of the program is to attach his leash to your belt and have him come with you everywhere around the house.  I'm not sure for how long--an hour?  It makes him bond to you and realize that he has to pay attention to what you are doing.  You could also start enforcing any rules like what furniture not to go on.  Or not to climb on people!  He only gets attention when he is acting nicely.  If you lavish attention--petting, praise, treats--every time his little butt hits the ground, pretty soon you will have a sitting maniac.  It's so cute when they learn that sitting earns them good things!

I recall we were told it takes 3 weeks for the harmones to wane.


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